NEW! Sony FX9 with 18-110mm

Sony FS7 MKII with Sony 18-110mm  

Sony PDW-700  XDCAM HD  (2)          

Sony Cine Alta PMW F-3   (2)              

Panasonic HDX-900  DVCPRO HD 2/3" 





Full set of Sony G Master lenses for the FS7

Set of Zeiss Compact Primes for F-5, FS7 and F-3

Fujinon HD 5.2 X 10 wide angle

or Fujinon (HD) HA 18 X 7.6 for PDW-700




Sound Devices 664 or 302 broadcast mixers 

Wireless: Lectrosonics UHF (6), Lectrosonics VHF (4), SR-b Lectrosonics for camera hop    

Sennheiser MK-60 Shotgun with K-Tek carbon fiber boom pole

2-Lectrosonics UHF Cubes with Beyer Hand Mic (no scratches- looks great on air)

Sanken COS-11 (5)  and Sony (5) Lavalier Microphones




Litepanels Astra 6X (2), Diva Lights (3), HMI (2-400 Watt), Dracast 1X1 (2), Dracast 6" X 12", Peppers (3)

Chimera diffusion for Arri tungsten or HMI lights

Diva 200 (2), Diva 400 (1)

Road Flags (4'X4' set), Road Rags (24"X36")

Full grip and support gear.



4-Atomos Samurai Blade 10 bit external recorders.

Atomos Shogun 4K external recorder with 2 960 Gb drives to create MOV or MXF files.

Tektronix WFM-5000 Waveform, Vectorscope test set for camera alignment and set up. 

DSC Labs, Chroma Du Monde Chart for camera matching and post production color control.  Beautiful Custom Profiles for my all my cameras; the scene files can be used to bring two cameras to a color match. 

Panasonic 17" LCD HD Field Monitor

2- 8" Panasonic LCD Field Monitors w/ SDI                                                                        


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