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Production Extras - Video Now - New Orleans, Louisiana

Kessler Traveller Jib

Kessler Traveller Jib- Easy and Fast to deploy.  Good for "sweeps", overhead shots and more.  

Kessler Traveller.jpg

DJI Ronin-RS / Sony A7S3
The best balance between quality and usability for smooth gimbal shots. Quick setup to save time on location.  
HD or 4K.

Optional Gimbal: GoPro Karma grip


Cinevate Horizon

5 Foot Slider

Easy to deploy 5 foot slider for smooth tracking shots with any camera on your shoot. 100 pound capacity.  Great for interviews or enhanced B-roll. I also have a 3 foot slider for use with Sony A7R3 to free up main camera. Requires an operator.

cinevate slider.jpg

One Man Crew by
One Man Crew Director™ is a motorized slider with a unique parabolic curve that transforms static shots with a beautiful cinematic motion that is always in focus. 
Dramatically improve interviews and any talking head videos, all without a dedicated operator.  Speed of travel & distance all controllable from an iPhone. Great for food shots too.

Sample close up B-roll Clip 

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